brittany’s strategy apparently

  • say you’re targeting zach/nicole/victoria because you feel like they have more money than you and that you’re more deserving than them
  • wants to hide wine????? which got jeremy evicted last year?????
  • trusting cody/derrick when they are the reason you’re gonna go home…………
  • campaigning against zach, not donny, who isn’t on the block, and who is (eh) in the majority alliance that has the votes to send you out the door

how is she considered a queen please explain

I literally cannot stand Brittany. She is so incredibly awful at this game. I’m sorry but she is. 

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Anonymous asked:

Anonymous asked:
Doesn't it bother you how much Nicole complains and bitches about Amber and Brittany all day. She use to be my fav but now she is so annoying.

Nope not really. I don’t really care if people bitch. Because I know that if I was in that house I would be bitching about all those crazy people too. Everyone would drive me nuts because you’re with them 24/7. I mean how can they not. And there’s no escape and nowhere to decompress so your frustrations just continue to pile up until you reach a snapping point. My brothers and sister drives me crazy all the time and thankfully I have a car to go away when I need that time. I love them but still you need to get away from people it’s only healthy. You don’t have that luxury in the house.

And I don’t get why talking shit is such a big deal. That’s all we do on tumblr, talk shit about the HGs we don’t like. That’s all they do in there (bb house), talk shit about those they don’t like. And the best part is they ALL do it yet only some are singled out. It’s just funny, the hypocrisy of this tag sometimes.

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Anonymous asked:
Hey! Just wondering if you're Canadian? I am and I love how much you support Big Brother Canada and give it the credit it deserves! Definitely one of the best Big Brother seasons of all time.

Nope I’m not Canadian, I’ve lived in New Jersey my whole life. But my mom’s entire side lives in Ontario / Toronto so we visit Canada a few times a year. And I’ve traveled all throughout Canada on vacations, I love it! 

But thank you. I mean it’s mostly just I’m a HUGE big brother fan so the fact that Big Brother was only on once a year killed me so when Canada started, and it was in the same format, of course I had to watch. The more the merrier. 

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Who's the most deserving BB winner?

What do you mean? Like the most deserving winner of all time that didn’t win? In most seasons the person who won in F2 is usually the most deserving of the two. Well I guess not really bc Danielle didn’t win 3, Dani didn’t win 8, Dan didn’t win 14 but in terms of Neda and Emmett and Janelle (bb6) they got 3rd so they didn’t have a chance at the money and both would have won if they were sitting in f2.

But personally the one that crushed me the most was Dan not winning BB14 because his gameplay that season was impeccable and it’s really a travesty he didn’t win but I loved Ian too so I wasn’t as mad but I’m still bitter about it. 

Anonymous asked:
how are you watching bbcanada? is there a way to download them? and is there a way to access their live feeds?

You can watch BBcan2 online HERE 
You can download the whole season from ‘thepiratebay’ HERE
And you can’t watch live feeds but there’s a LOT of clips on youtube HERE & HERE & HERE & HERE

Big Brother Canada


Here is BBCAN2! It has links to BBUS episodes as well!